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1. Join and become a member

It’s easy, all you need is an email address to sign up and become a member.

2. Create a Free life project

Upload a photo, video and write brief explaination about your life project.

3. Partnering with a Charity

After you create your project we will assign a charity that aligns with your life project to facilitate the donations when your project is funded.

4. Sharing your life project

Use social media to share your life project to get funded that much quicker.

5. Making donations.

We guarantee that all donations made to life projects are safe and secure, 100% of the funds goes to the Charity.

6. Giving to a life project

Life projects are matched with vetted charities so you can rest knowing your donation will get in the right hands.

Our team works around the clock to ensure your safety and protect against fraud.

Feed Our Life = Redefining Free Transparent Crowdfunding

We’ve empowered millions of individuals to champion change and spread compassion.

Feed Our Life brings the easiest way of crowdfunding, serving everyone who is in need. Served as an innovative tool for charity, Feed Our Life lets any Charity or an individual post about anyone who is in need as well as their life stories to raise funds for that cause. With primary outreach as “charity”, we send all donations directly to project necessities via our charity money managers. The platform is guaranteed to change your life and theirs, too. .

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Keep more of the money you raise with a Life Project.

Due to our incredible system, donations are tax deductible. Help your neighbors, friends, and new pals with our crowdfunding process. You cannot get tax deductions for any other crowdfunding site but if you post your project on Feed Our Life, you can now deduct your tax deduction on that money since funds end up with the charities. Feed Our Life is the unique platform of its kind that welcomes Charities large and small. Individuals and charities can also set projects customized for their needs with a few clicks. Charities can submit and then create projects for those in need. All project funds go directly to the Charity to distribute

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding harnesses the power of social networks and the internet to give people the means to raise funds, help others overcome hardship, and meet aspirational goals. With crowdfunding, you can help a friend or help an entire community. You can do everything from pay for your own surgery to fulfill a student’s dream of attending college—and so much more.

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Introducing team fundraising

The power of a Life Project, now designed for groups and teams who want to fundraise together.

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Why Feed Our Life Team Fundraising?

Feed Our Life Team Fundraising is specifically designed to help groups small and large raise money together. We give you all the same powerful features of our individual campaigns—including fast set-up, social sharing tools, and our free platform—plus new tools to help you collaborate and fundraise together.

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