Calling all storytellers! Help those in need and earn some additional funds

14 June 2019

If you have ability to take a video on mobile phone you can be a storyteller is in need of individuals who want to help those in need by creating a project on our site for them. This would consist of joining the site, learning about the individual in need and doing a video interview and story of why they need funding.

Our Storytellers can be professional filmmakers to ameatures with a mobile home who just want to help

You can tell stories and create a Life Project for people you know, those you meet in town or by contacting a local charity and having them refer you to an individual they want to help. compensates our story tellers by paying a commisison of 1% of the project when it is fully funded. For example, if you create a project for $10,000 and the project is funded you earn $100 in additional to help raise $10,000 for an individual in need. All funds are paid by and not taken out of the projects donations.

Our Storytellers have no limitations of amount of projects they want to create. You can create one of 1000 the more you create the more people you help, the more charities are helped and the more funds you generate.

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